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//Imposing Martial Law In America

| 17. September, 2013

A Blueprint For Imposing Martial Law In America

martial-law-in-america U.S. citizens must understand that marital law is not simply going to show up on their front step one day and announce itself. The U.S. population has been slowly eased towards a soft form of martial law over the last 15 years. Restrictions on gun ownership, free speech and warrantless spying and arrests, are all extreme violations of the Constitution which have largely gone unchallenged.

Brave individuals who have challenged these violations found themselves arrested or disappeared. A pattern has emerged and the conditions have already been identified which can and do facilitate lulling the population into a sense of complacency. The use of fear, potential attacks and global warming will be among the chief pretexts used in imposing martial law in America. It will be slow, but the process has already begun and it will only become more frequent and severe.

Terrorism, Natural Disasters, and Global Warming: The New Trinity

Threats of foreigners and terroristic attacks on U.S. Soil will be the impetus for the imposition of martial law. Events such as potential natural disasters will be used to move citizen territory and resources into the control of the government. The encroaching shrill shouts of global warming will be used to redraw state boundaries and justify massive repopulation movements. We will be told all of this is for our own good.

By using frightening events to terrify the population into paralysis, martial law can be enacted with a minimum of trouble. A population that is used to being relocated during times of ‘emergency’ becomes acclimated to complying with unconstitutional commands as long as an ‘emergency’ is declared.

Acts of Terrorism

The existence of potential frightening acts of terrorism will be used to partition citizens into easily policed quadrants. The media will report the suspected use of a nuclear or chemical weapon in an area in order to round up populations. Terms like contamination and decontamination will be used to prevent the movement of people, and more importantly information.
The tools that will be used in such scenarios are geared towards crowd control and crowd herding. Fire hoses and riot extinguishers are among the necessary crowd control devices. Note that fire extinguishers are a fire fighting tool which will be repurposed to control crowds.

Identity Sampling

The identification of potentially dangerous suspects in a population will be used as the pretext for warrantless searches and raids. Even more frightening is the collection of DNA samples from the entire population. Tracking everyone will be far easier if the DNA records of all residents and citizens are on a national database. Ensuring that law enforcement agencies can collect this information will be critical.

Natural Disasters

The use of potential and future natural disasters to preemptively construct civilian holding camps and move U.S. troops into domestic operational status has been well documented. Every natural disaster event which relies on the assistance of federal troops lays the ground work for a policy implementation of deploying Marines on U.S. soil. Natural disasters which will destabilize civilians will trigger civilian crowd control orders which in turn will trigger the use of the marines in that capacity.

Global Warming

Like many of the arguments used to justify bailing out the financial sectors while destroying the middle class, the price of ‘global warming’ will have to be paid by the everyday men and women of this country. During the financial crisis of 2008 citizens around the world were told to tighten their belts and suck it up. When citizens protested the loss of jobs, the expense of everyday goods, and the financial transfer of tax dollars to corporation-theft by another name- they were met with violence and riot gear.

The dispute in the American southwest about the rights to water showcases the way in which global warming will cause problems in America. The government will be able to capitalize on the changes to the environment to institute draconian policies which will strip citizens of the rights to their land and water under “national interest” doctrine. It will be another form of wealth transfer, but this time the excuse will be global warming not a financial collapse.

It will be in your best interest to pay attention to the announcement of natural disasters, global warming, or potential terroristic threats. Identify the rhetoric, what are you being asked to do or give up? What do they want you to provide in light of the even they have identified as a threat? Make sure that you know what is yours and that you can keep it when they come for it. Above all, INVEST IN GOLD AND PRECIOUS METALS!

Martial Law America

Martial Law in America

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